By Wendell Scott

You’re walking all alone. You encounter a very large cemetery. What do you do?

You go party in it of course! Well at least that what you’d do at the Oakland Cemetery during the 33rd Annual Sunday in the Park Event. Ghosts and ghouls will have to sit this one out, because the cemetery’s Victorian heritage and rich history is the start of the show on October 7th.

There will be many living historical demonstrations, live music, storytellers, and even an artist’s market waiting for you. You can also take a free walking tour or even a carriage tour around the cemetery!

If that didn’t tickle your fancy, it is encouraged that festival attendees participate in the Victorian costume contest. That’s right. You can come dressed in your best Victorian wear and no one will mind. I must admit, this is the first time I’ve thought of a cemetery as being fascinating.

Also, children won’t be left out! The Bubbleman will be walking around the children’s area. I’ve seen the Bubbleman and he is–amazing.

There will also be Teddy Bear Tea, where kids can learn about the cemetery’s past through cute stories. I just used ‘cute’ and ‘cemetery’ in the same sentence. This festival must be good.

If you need anymore information, head to!

Now go have fun, but stop walking around cemeteries alone.

–Wendell Scott


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