Check It! A3C Hip Hop Festival

Do I dare try to write this post as a rap?

No. I won’t make you suffer through my horrible rhyming.

The A3C Hip Hop Festival, one of the largest hip hop festivals in the Southeast, is taking the spotlight in Atlanta from October 11th-October 13th. Some of the biggest names in hip hop are set to perform like:

-Big Boi


-Killer Mike

And so many more! The one thing about the festival though is that it isn’t just a hub of cool beats and amazing rhymes, it’s also a place for DJs, MCs and producers to all come together and talk about growing trends and developments within the culture.

The event will take place at Masquerade, and tickets are on sale now.

Tickets for A3C 2012 are officially on sale. You can save about $27 if you purchase a 3-day pass now. Then keep $47 in your wallet when you buy a 3-day pass plus collectible woodallion. Woodallion? That sounds fun.

If you need anymore information…on this rockin’ occasion…check out this site:

I couldn’t help it. I had to at least put one rhyming line in there. *drops microphone*

–Wendell Scott

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