By Wendell Scott

It’s time to bring Athens to Atlanta with the Atlanta Greek Festival October 4th- October 7th.

I have never had the chance to go to Greece, so I just might make a stop here. There will be so much to offer, I can’t stand it!

Let’s start with entertainment. Award-winning dancers from the Atlanta area will entertain you with traditional and energetic Greek performances. All of the music…all of the dances…your piece of Baklava flying in the air as you clap vigorously while you dance…it will all make you forget you have work in the morning. Apparently when you have that type of fun, it’s called Kefi in Greek .

So you’re done dancing, now you’re hungry. Smell that oregano and garlic? It’s waiting for you. The Greek Festival has some of the best authentic cuisine you can get without being in Athens. Everything from Moussaka to Souvlaki is offered on the menu. And, wait, get this. Are you in a hurry? Well the festival will even have a drive-thru. Can you believe it? A drive-thru with Greek cuisine. I’m in Gyro heaven!

Okay, you’re full now. How do we burn these calories? Shopping, of course! The festival offers a variety of vendors who’ll be showcasing some of their best items for you to observe and purchase. They will even have beautiful handcrafted jewelry for sale too! My goodness, early Christmas shopping anyone?

And in between the shopping and the dancing, you don’t want to forget about the culture itself. There will be many Cathedral Lecture tours offered throughout each day where guests can learn about the rich 2,000-year old religion and more.

I think this year’s festival will be a smash. So to you I say, OPA! Get down to the festival this year and enjoy this beautiful, rich culture!

For more information, check out:

–Wendell Scot


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