While I can’t promise Granny’s biscuits and grits, I can promise a welcoming  environment for anyone connected to the transgender community at the Southern Comfort Conference happening September 18th-23rd.

Over the past 22 years, this conference has been a great place for those in the community to meet, talk about community-related issues and to come together as one for a few nights of fun! Now this conference isn’t just for those that are directly in the transgender community. If you’re a supporting family member or spouse, straight, bi, post-op/pre-op, young or old, it doesn’t matter! The folks at the conference will welcome you with open arms!

There are going to be tons of seminars during the day that provide information for those that have just come out to spirituality and emotional connection. As far as nighttime events are concerned? Well, let’s just say … it will definitely be party time.

If you would like to reserve your spot at the conference or even make a donation if you can’t make it, visit http://www.sccatl.org for more information.

Wendell Scott


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