Fall 2012 shows are almost here! New CW series are slated to premiere in October, and critics have started to rank the top shows. CW’s Arrow, a series based on the vigilante from DC comics, has been receiving plenty of superhero-worthy praise. E! News wrote a raving review, saying Arrow “has something for the guys and the gals.” And The Insider.com just ranked Arrow as one of Fall’s Best New Shows, and the Huffington Post named Arrow a Must-See Show.

USA Today recently compiled their Top Ten list, and Arrow made the cut! Here’s what they have to say:

You don’t have to know the comic book Green Arrow to like Arrow. In fact, it may help if you don’t compare it to the original. Canadian hunk Stephen Amell stars as Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy presumed to have been lost at sea. Five years of intense desert-island training later, he returns a changed man: an action hero who stalks the city by night, righting wrongs with his bow and arrow and computer skills (which, one imagines, he learned pre-shipwreck). Think of it as The Dark Knight meets The Hunger Games, and you have what CW’s after.

Do you like The Dark Knight? Suffering from Hunger Games withdrawals? Then I highly suggest giving Arrow a shot. As a Top Ten show for multiple news sites, I’m definitely not the only one obsessed with this action-packed series. Arrow premieres Wednesday, October 10 at 8pm on the CW. Right after, you can get your Winchester fix with new episodes of Supernatural at 9pm. 

Becca Ritchie


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