Critics Love ‘Arrow’

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Pictured: Stephen Amell as Arrow. Photo: Kharen Hill/The CW
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Becca Ritchie
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E! News starts their review of Arrow with a simple and utterly awesome phrase. “We’ve come to one conclusion: we’re in love with Arrow.”

Of the oodles and oodles of compliments about the new CW series, one tops them all. E! chooses Stephen Amell as “the breakout star of the fall TV season.”

I feel as if E! hacked into my brain. My sentiments match their review almost to the tee. Starting with Amell’s superb acting and all the way to Katie Cassidy and Willa Holland in a show that fits their talents. Here’s what E! has to say:

Amell’s got a stellar line-up backing him up. One of our favorite small screen actresses, Katie Cassidy, she who owned the failed Melrose Place reboot, finally gets a vehicle worthy of her talents. She takes on the role of Laurel, Oliver’s ex-girlfriend, who’s sassy and classy, our favorite combination. The O.C.’s Willa Holland makes a welcome return to TV as Oliver’s little sis, Thea, who has some secrets under her (metaphorical) hood as well.

E! pitches Arrow as Batman Begins meets Revenge, which is pretty spot on. In a few other posts, I’ve commented how Arrow diverges from Smallville and how that just may be the best news yet. Here’s why:

One of the (many) reasons we love Arrow? How completely and utterly un-Smallville it is. In a wise decision to forgo any resemblance to the long-running Smallville, Arrow takes a darker, Christopher Nolan-esque route, turning Queen into an isolated and damaged Bruce Wayne-type figure, who happens to have the skills of The Avengers‘ Hawkeye.

Now if all the love from critics and Comic-Con fans hasn’t precluded the epic-ness of Arrow, then I don’t know what could. A meteor shower that spells “Oliver Queen” from the stars? Superman giving a thumbs up of approval? E! ends the review with a verdict: “Watch. Arrow has something for the gals and the guys.” Couldn’t agree more. 

Are you excited to see Willa Holland, Katie Cassidy, Amell’s abs and another round of archery while we fight Hunger Games blues? Sunset Boulevard knows what’s going on:

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