Arrow actor, Stephen Amell, takes some time to chat on the red carpet about Oliver Queen’s tormented psyche, episode 2 and action sequences. Watch the full interview below.

Amell says, “The most dangerous element in Oliver Queens’ life right now is himself. He’s like a time bomb.” As a vigilante, we have to assume that Green Arrow is more than just your average run-of-the-mill superhero. Unlike Batman, he actually kills the bad guys. Oliver Queen (alias Green Arrow) has PTSD after a shipwreck that we’ll see in the pilot, and that alone has made him a little … unsettled with his surroundings.

And with all of the Comic-Con hype and love after fans watched the pilot in San Diego, I almost wonder if the second episode will be able to match the first. Amell teases episode 2 saying it’s “more intense” and even more “mean-spirited.” I like it. Arrow is separating itself from campy superhero flicks. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Smallville — as evidence by owning every season — but I think it’s about time for a gritty superhero to appear on television. Can you imagine The Dark Knight every Wednesday? It’s going to be epic.

Also, if you find yourself questioning the validity of the stunts involved in Arrow, Amell points out that “the fights are real.” He goes on to say, “I’m banged up. My whole body is covered. You haven’t seen the bumps and bruises and scrapes.” With his handsome good looks, I’m pretty sure he will have no problem finding a girl to nurse his wounds.

Add the comic lore, the incredible casting and the archery, and I couldn’t be more excited to tune in every week. Are you ready? October 10 at 8pm, it all begins.


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