No wonder fans adore Joe Jonas. The one-third Jonas Brother and current mentor on CW’s The Next answers fan questions through twitter videos. If you haven’t seen The Next yet, I suggest giving it a shot. While it seems like any other singing competition, there’s a huge twist. The mentors literally jump in the lives of aspiring musicians. In the first episode, Joe tags along on a babysitting gig. Can you imagine being a kid and looked after by your favorite idol? As a child, I would have pulled my pigtails out if Johnathan Taylor Thomas watched over me for a night.

Click on the links in each tweet for Joe’s answers to the fan questions!

“If you could add a fifth judge to The Next who would it be?”

“What’s [your] favorite memory of doing The Next?” Spoiler: it involves underwear!

“What have you eaten on The Next?” A bizarre but hilarious question that has an equally amusing answer.

So there you have it. Have you been watching The Next? It’s refreshing to see a singing competition that focuses more on the singer rather than the judges/mentors/famous-people-sitting-in-big-chairs.


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