I know it’s only midweek and you’re ready to be out of that office! But hang in there — Labor Day Weekend is only a couple of days away, and whatever your plans are, I’m here to help take some things off your mind: like what on earth will you be wearing?!

We’ve all heard the “no more white after Labor Day” tip. So, what are some seasonal transitions that we can wear to kick off the Fall season, while still in our final embrace of summer? I’m so glad you asked…

Light Scarves


File Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

We’re not into wrapping ourselves up just yet. But part of knowing style is dressing for the season, not just the weather. Keep your wools tucked away, but break out those light silk scarves you have. Bright colors are still acceptable, and prints are even better. Drape your scarves or loop them around once. The purpose is not to keep you warm, but to start your transition into fall fashion season.

Colors Get Slightly Darker

You’ll notice that colors are slowly starting to get darker. Instead of those bright yellow skinnies from Express, J.Crew now has mustard yellow skinnies in their shop windows. The hues are turning into shades of autumn, but before we break out the navy, blacks and browns, this weekend is a good time to keep wearing your warm colors, while accepting that your turquoise and mint pieces are ready for their cold-weather hibernation.

Wedges Can Still Stick Around

We’ve still got the heat here in Atlanta– and as much as I’m dying to start wearing my fall boots, I know that I can’t step into them without the risk of melting. We’ll still be turning to our wedges and darker colored sandals until the cool air decides to hit. That doesn’t mean a cute pair of ankle boots wouldn’t work with a short dress. When it comes to transitions, it’s all about happy mediums.

Happy Mediums

Shorts? Then wear a top with some type of sleeves. Jeans? Where something sleeveless. Jacket or blazer? Go with the shorts again. We’re not ready to hide all of our skin just yet. Some of us still have our summer tans to show off.


Unless your florals have darker colors in them, after this weekend it is time to put them away. I love prints, and so do designers this fall. Aztec-inspired geometric prints are big this season, and so are classic animal prints, like leopard and tortoise-shell. Just don’t let your prints get too dark just yet. Pair them with your reds, yellows, purples, and ivory, and you’ll be set.

Give Your White’s Their Last Hurrah

I couldn’t tell you where it originated from exactly, but let’s go with it for safety’s-sake. Go on, wear those white jeans this weekend. White on top is classic all year ’round. But your white jeans, shorts and skirts need this last weekend out. Let them have it. 😉


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