‘Arrow’ adds The Huntress from Comic Lore

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Becca Ritchie
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The creators behind Arrow are staying true to DC comic history by introducing yet another character from comic lore (the first being villain Deadshot played by Michael Rowe). Entertainment Weekly first reported the news, calling Arrow a “highly anticipated fall action-drama series.”

From EW:

“The Huntress is a potential love interest for Oliver Queen; a fellow vigilante, set on destroying her father’s organized crime empire. But Helena’s blind pursuit of revenge will put her on a collision course with the Arrow.”

For comic geeks, you may scratch your head at The Huntress’s character description. For extreme comic geeks, you probably don’t need an explanation at all. After many years, The Huntress’ back story has been rewritten multiple times, which is not uncommon for major characters. In arguably her most popular reiteration, she is Batman and Catwoman’s daughter.

Even better news? The Huntress has already been cast. Jessica De Gouw will play the vigilante and enters around episode 6.

As a comic book fan, I love that the Arrow creators decided to stick with the comics, and even though I may not be familiar with DC (I’m a Marvel junkie), seeing other fans’ excitement at the news only heightens mine. Stephen Amell also tweeted in response:

Are you a fan of The Huntress? What other characters from the comics would you like to see in Starling City?

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