Rachel Bilson appeared as thug-lite in rap music video Call Me Doctor. Who’s the creator behind the sparkling grill and sick rhymes? Her co-star from CW’s Hart of Dixie, Wilson Bethel.

As Hart of Dixie heads into production for their second season, Wilson Bethel’s been a busy man. This September, Bethel will introduce Stupid Hype, a new digital series that will help launch The CW’s Digital Channel. Bethel serves not only as the creator of this 90s rap web series, but also the writer, producer, and star.

In an interview with TheInsider.com, Bethel revealed that the inspiration for Stupid Hype’s 90s rapper theme was Vanilla Ice. Also, sadly, Rachel Bilson will not be reprising her role as thug-lite in Stupid Hype, but Flava Flav will make a guest appearance.

For all the Hart of Dixie fans, Bethel ends the Insider.com interview with a little tease. “‘Word on the street is there will be a lot of sex for Wade, in the first half of the season.'” Those Bluebell, Alabama ladies better watch out for Mr. Wade Kinsella, now.

Check out Bethel’s 90s style and pouty mouth in Stupid Hype’s promo video. If Stupid Hype proves to be as entertaining as Call Me Doctor, I’m in. Are you?

– Becca Ritchie


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