queen of versailles poster 405x600 Outrageous Documentaries The Queen of Versailles opens June 20th in select theaters, and don’t be fooled by the deceiving title. The documentary focuses on a billionaire family as they construct the biggest house in America at 90,000 sq. ft. — larger than the White House! When the United States faced an economic and real estate downturn, cameras continued to roll and captured major changes in the family’s lifestyle. Included in the trailer: frilly dogs, bejeweled sweats, fur coats, and a closet bigger than a bedroom. The Queen of Versailles certainly seems outrageous and incredibly addicting.

Here are some other guilty pleasure documentaries:

Surfwise — This eccentric film features the

family. In the seventies one man leaves his medical practice behind and piles his 8 sons, 1 daughter and wife into a camper. They travel from ocean to ocean where they surf and take part in a holistic lifestyle. The children, now adults, look back at their bizarre and unconventional childhood.

The September Issue — Ever wonder what goes on behind-the-scenes in Vogue offices? The September Issue shows the process of making the magazine during its peak season, but the rivalry (and sometimes friendship) between Vogue’s decision-maker Anna Wintour and creative director Grace Coddington will keep you watching.

Grizzly Man — Timothy Treadwell lived for bears. Footage was compiled of Tradwell’s interactions with these ferocious animals and of interviews with people who knew Treadwell. In 2003, Treadwell and his girlfriend were killed and eaten by a bear. That one little fact makes what could have been a sleeper documentary incredibly interesting.

Super Size Me — One man takes on a goal to eat only McDonald’s food for 30 days. My first thought was, that’s not that hard. Although, I would never attempt to consume fast food for that length of time. The mission seems easy enough. However, not even halfway through, his insides start failing him. His liver looks so nasty that a doctor says if he continues, he could die. Outrageous? Most definitely.

Jackass — This needs little explanation. A group of guys do outrageous stunts that include (but not limited to) branding, falling into snake pits and taunting bulls. The film version of the television series has probably caused as many laughs for the audience as injuries for the cast.

Religulous — While informative, there’s a mocking tone to this documentary that will keep you either laughing or cringing all the way through. Fans of Bill Maher will enjoy the premise. Religulous stars the comedian after all. With a title combining “religion” and “ridiculous” together, the film pushes the boundaries in pretty much every way.

Good Hair — Chris Rock narrates this introspective documentary about African American hair. Though the content may not be as riveting as say, The Cove, Rock delivers an engaging commentary about African American culture and women’s hair by utilizing his comedic chops.

Know any other outrageous documentaries or disagree with my selection? Sound off below!

– Becca Ritchie


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