Justin Bieber Caught Speeding: Are Paparazzi Too Dangerous?

Justin Bieber

Photo by Caroline McCredie/Getty Images

On Friday, June 6th, Justin Bieber probably wished he stayed in for the day. Instead, he got into his chrome-colored Fisker Karma (a hot sports car) and headed out on California’s 101 Freeway. Around 11am, he was pulled over by two police officers.

From CBS Los Angeles:

Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine claims he saw Bieber driving at speeds of over 100 mph as the young pop star attempted to — his claim — get away from paparazzi. Zine, a former police officer, says Bieber was weaving in and out of traffic, which prompted him to call 911.

The 18-year-old pop singer has more than just a few fans. Being chased by the paparazzi could actually be a legitimate excuse. Remember Princess Diana? Outrunning the flashing cameras took her life. And no one would want to lose Bieber to the star-crazed media.

A picture of Bieber in his Fisker Karma is not worth an accident. So to The Biebs: Slow down. And to the paparazzi: Stay safe, please.

On another note, the Fisker Karma is actually a hybrid! Yes, hard to believe the sexy sports car saves the environment. Bieber received it for his 18th birthday, and CBS Los Angeles reports that the car is “valued at more than $102,000.” Nothing like taking your money out for a spin!

– Becca Ritchie


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