With all the technology readily available to us nowadays, it’s rare for people to become absorbed in books.  I mean, who doesn’t want to take the easy way out and watch the movie version featuring the new “it” actor with washboard abs?  Hollywood’s imagination is almost as good as mine.  However, with the innovation of the kindle and nook, reading has become popular again.  It’s easy to carry a tiny screen around and indulge in your secret fantasies without anyone knowing exactly what you’re reading out loud in your head.  It’s this concept that has spurred on the delectable and naughty trend of Fifty Shades of Grey.   There’s nothing like reading a dirty book in front of others without them knowing what you are reading. It’s my newest guilty pleasure.

This trilogy originally started as a poorly written piece of online fan fiction, loosely based on the popular Twilight novels.  The difference though – it is in no way suitable for children and teens.

Author E.L. James received an obsessive cult following online so she chose to become a “real” writer and publish her books.  Her ideas might be intriguing; however, her writing is anything but.  To put it nicely… it sucks.  But people aren’t interested in her books because they enjoyed English literature class.

For purely research purposes (obviously) I decided to download the book and see what all this hype was about.  Of course I wasn’t going to purchase the actual hard copy.  I didn’t want everyone around me to know about the dirty story which engrossed me!  Boy, was I in for fifty shades of surprises.  To put it in the most conservative way possible, let me say Fifty Shades of Grey would warrant an X rating if it were judged on a movie scale.

Recently, Universal Studios bought the screen rights to the novel.  It looks like the big screen is going to piggy back its way off another hit, but this audience will be a bit different than that of Harry Potter, Twilight, or Hunger Games.  I am incredibly intrigued to see how Hollywood is going to portray this racy book without going too far past the line of decency.

The real question is…who will play the infamous Christian Grey?  The man who is so sexy, he puts Edward Cullen to shame and has the token “eyes smoldering” look down to an art?

One man comes to mind…can you say Damon Salvatore?

Apparently Mister Ian Somerhalder has the exact same thought as me.  Ever since the hype of the book, he has been using twitter and his fans to push him into consideration for the role.  He definitely has the sexy gaze and body to pull off Christian Grey, but does he have the guts and acting skills necessary for the complicated character?  He seems to think he does.  Let’s see if he is able to convince the big Hollywood execs.  I know I wouldn’t complain if I got to see him in another role alongside The Vampire Diaries.  The show isn’t aired often enough and I’m dying for another Ian fix.  I guess only time will tell.

P.S. The next time you see a woman sitting in a coffee shop reading her e-book and she has a smirk on her face…I bet I can tell you what she’s reading…

Call her on it and watch her turn fifty shades of red.


georgia girl


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