Coldplay and Rihanna, who would have predicted the┬ácollaboration? An acoustic version of “Princess of China” was just released. Though after listening to both, Rihanna’s part sounds nearly identical. There’s only a slight difference between the original and acoustic, but Chris Martin’s smooth vocals and Rihanna’s sultry addition makes “Princess of China” a perfect hit.

KROQ radio has compiled both versions to listen to. I can’t say the acoustic version is any worse or any better than the original, which may mean the acoustic is a fail by definition. But “Princess of China” has an addicting and hypnotic nature that even half-acoustic (if that’s possible) doesn’t matter to me. This is a song I want to listen to on repeat, acoustic or not.

Listened to both of them? Do you like difference? Sound off below!

– Becca Ritchie


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