Ian Somerhalder’s Best Tweets of the Week

Do you know who Ian Somerhalder is? You should. If not for his impeccable portrayal of bad boy Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries than for his amusing twitter feed. It’s okay if you missed them. We’ll share some of his Best Tweets of the Week with you, lovely readers.

Ever hear a baby cry on an aircraft? Ian Somerhalder shares your pain.

The Vampire Diaries was recently nominated for a staggering number of Teen Choice awards. And the best part is that teens get to vote! So don’t be shy about supporting your favorite vamps from Mystic Falls.

Who will play Christian Grey from the adult novel Fifty Shades of Grey No one really knows, but Ian Somerhalder is a fan favorite. However, with lovers comes some haters. While people may disagree whether Somerhalder is right for the role, he continues to make us smile.

Like his tweets? Have a horrible experience on an airplane? Sound off below!

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