Breaking Pointe

BREAKING POINTE Pictured: Beckanne Sisk. Photo by: Erik Ãstling/The CW

In 2000, some of the most memorable ballet dancers hit the screen. No, these weren’t real ballet dancers — although some of the actors were professional ballerinas. Center Stage became a cult dance movie and I wished more than ever to be immersed in the ballet world once again. This summer, The CW genie answers by airing a reality series called Breaking Pointe.

The summer ballet series has a refreshing documentary feel, and beyond that, it offers everything I could want from a dance show. Fully developed characters. Sexy choreography. Romances (yes, romances as in plural). And a ballet dancer on a motorcycle! Does that sound familiar?

The characters by far are a reason to watch Breaking Pointe: from two ballet dancers in fear of separating to another couple playing cat and mouse. Here are the characters you will love (and some you might just love to hate) compared to the very best of Center Stage.

Christiana: As the principal dancer, she outshines all the rest. But don’t expect her to mirror mean girl Maureen from Center Stage. Christiana is far too nice for that.

Ronnie: He rides a motorcycle, goes to a tattoo parlor and flirts with the girls in class. Could he be anymore like bad boy Cooper Nielson?

Ronald and Katie: By far the cutest couple, Ronald and Katie are rather new to the company and fear having to leave. Katie tries her hardest, but is it good enough? Like Jodie, the protagonist from Center Stage, Katie is surrounded by overflowing talent. To step out of their limelight will take more than just passion. In CS, Jodie’s love interest, Charlie, is there for her every step of the way. Ronald fills that role perfectly. You will love them without a doubt. Hands down. This couple is a reason to watch.

Allison : She shoots scathing glances at the dance prodigy, Beckanne, and toys with Rex’s head. I haven’t fallen in love with her yet, but like Maureen from CS, I hope to before the finale.

Rex : He pines over Allison and is the big brother to Ronald. Overall, he’s a good guy.

Beckanne: At 19, she moves up the ballet hierarchy a little too quickly. Jealousy ensues. She reminds me of Eva from Center Stage, the talented firecracker, but Beckanne definitely knows to hold her tongue during critiques.

If you like Center Stage, you will undoubtedly love Breaking Pointe. So tune in on Thursdays at 8pm for more! Catch previous episodes at!


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