Last week I was trying to find something new and different to do Friday night. Rather than go out to the usual places I wanted to get a group of people together to do something else fun. Being the Georgia Girl that I am, I started researching things to do in Atlanta and I stumbled upon the Starlight Six Drive-In. Now I know drive-ins are known as a place for teens to get frisky on date nights in the 1950s. I mean c’mon, I’ve seen Grease quite a few times. However, I didn’t know they still existed! I’ll pass on the bobby socks and hoop skirts, though.

I did some research on the website and it seemed to be a good deal too. They have six different screens with movies starting around 9pm. It has to get dark first! Duh! It is only $7 a person so the price was a good deal. Plus, you’ll see not one but TWO movies. After the first one, they show another one. Geezers call it a double feature. What a concept! All signs seemed to be pointing to YES, so I called up some friends and got a group together.

Even though the movie didn’t start until 9, we showed up early to check the place out and begin the festivities. The parking lot in front of the screen is a lot like a rolling hill of asphalt. It is unusual looking but it is good because it provides stadium-esque seating for your cars. We pulled out our boombox (circa 1989) and some fold-up chairs. You can bring grills to cookout if you want. We decided to take the easy way and just brought sub sandwiches for dinner. The weather was perfect so we all just sat around, popped a few beer tops and hung out. It was just like tailgating – only without the crazy face paint and sports jerseys. When 9pm rolled around, we tuned our radio to the correct station, adjusted our chairs for optimal viewing, sat back and enjoyed the film.

I think it was a really great experience. The movie/screen quality was good. We were able to enjoy the film in our own chairs, eating our own food, and drinking our own beverages. What more could you want? It was definitely a fun and unconventional thing to do on a Friday night.

My only warning is that the drive-in is in a slightly sketchy area. Also, they only accept cash so make sure you are prepared.

It is quite the experience.

georgia girl


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