After months of dreary winter weather spring brings the promise of fun, new things. Also with the season comes the ritual of spring cleaning. Now just ask my college roommates, cleaning is not something I enjoy. However, I have realized that it is great to go through all your old stuff and de-clutter and reorganize your life. When it comes to clothing, this is a necessity. It’s important to go through your wardrobe at least a few times a year to remind yourself of what you have and what you NEVER wear. I know that for me, closet space is at a premium. With all the shopping I do, it seems like I never have enough room for my new stuff! Out with the old (why did I buy that?!). In with the new (the future why did I buy that?!). It feels good to go through everything I have and decide what to keep. Here are a few tips!

1. Blast some music

You have to get yourself in the right mindset. Don’t make it seem like a chore. Go through your music and make a great playlist that will get you pumped. I found that blaring some Ke$ha always makes cleaning go by faster and is more fun. Who knew that her music could be useful for something other than pre-gaming or getting ready for a night out?

2. Ask yourself the tough question: “Will I ever wear this?”

I seem to have a longing for everything in my closet, I mean helloooo… I bought and paid good money for it for a reason. However, I have to be realistic with myself and realize that a lot of things I just don’t wear anymore. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn something in a year, then you should probably get rid of it. Usually, I try to talk myself out of this rule. I promise that I will wear the item soon or think of new ways I can accessorize it. This usually does not work though, because if I haven’t worn it recently, it is because I have other things I’d rather wear. You have to suck it up and throw that old dress into the “No” pile. Just think about how much space you are creating for new stuff!

3. What to do with the old

There are a couple of options of what you can do with the stuff you do not want anymore. If it is in good condition, still in style, and you are hurting for a little cash you can always try to take it to a thrift store. The problem with this is that it can sometimes be depressing. When you realize they are only offering you $5 for a pair of Steve Madden heels you paid $50 for, it almost makes you want to keep them. BUT DON’T! Take the $5 and buy yourself some frozen yogurt with all the toppings you desire. At least that is more satisfying than walking around on those uncomfortable 6-inch high heels you removed from your closet.

Any clothes that they don’t buy back (or if you are feeling particularly charitable in the first place) you should take to Goodwill. It feels good knowing that you are helping someone else out in the process of de-cluttering your closet.

If you have other girlfriends who are interested in cleaning out their closet too, then you can turn the situation into a win-win. Sometimes they may have stuff that they don’t want to wear anymore that you’ve always liked and vice versa. You can trade clothes! This is a free and easy way to expand your wardrobe. If there’s anything I learned from living in a sorority house, it’s that one girl’s junk (that’s sounds harsh but you know the saying) is another girl’s treasure. You can even trade accessories. I mean, there are only so many times you can wear that big turquoise necklace. Time to get something new!

Trust me, when you are finished with the spring cleaning of the wardrobe and see all the new room you made for yourself, you will feel much better. Just make sure you find the time to shop and fill back up those empty hangers!

Happy cleaning!

georgia girl


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