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I was worried about seeing The Hunger Games movie since the books were so enjoyable and were surrounded by so much hype.  It makes it hard for a reader to be satisfied by a movie when the bar is set high.  I was not disappointed.  Unlike the Harry Potter movies, the screenwriters for The Hunger Games were able to include almost every event from the book and incorporate it into the big screen.  There were few changes which did not make much of a difference.  I think that hiring the author, Suzanne Collins, as a producer and scriptwriter made a big difference.

The most exciting thing was seeing my visions come to life.  While reading the book, I had my own idea of how things should look and watching the film let me see Hollywood’s vision.  The casting director did a great job.  Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful as Katniss.  She brings the hard, uncharming, yet admirable qualities to life.  Gale doesn’t have much of a role in the first film/book, but boy was he good to look at.  Liam Hemsworth, why are you dating Miley Cyrus?  You could do so much better! Pick me!  Sorry, Ian.  In this case, live guy beats undead guy.  I was especially impressed with Lenny Kravitz’s portrayal of Cinna.  I think he did a fine job as the compassionate stylist.  Hands down my favorite character was Caesar Flickerman.  Stanley Tucci always impresses in his roles. He brought a lot of charisma and charm to the warped world of the Capitol.  His laughs and facial expressions were priceless!

The costumes were very exciting to see in the film.  All of the crazy Capitol fashions were brought to life using every color in the rainbow.  Pink hair, blue eyebrows, crazy face paint, it is all there!  I loved waiting to see what Effie would be wearing in each scene.  Each outfit was more over-the-top than the last.  And all in glorious Technicolor.  Not really, but it was very colorful.

The movie is on the long side (2 hours and 20 mins) but whether you are a fan of the books or not, you are in for a treat.  The satirical narrative brings great special effects, suspense, and more that will still leave you pondering this type of world once you leave the theater.  Somehow, the director was able to make all the killings in the movie not too graphic and allow the viewer to move on.  I guess it was necessary when the fan base starts at the age of 10!

Get ready to stand in line; the box office will be insane this weekend with crazed fans who bought their tickets months ago.


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  1. Gianni says:

    “who is Coin?” One of the indiscribably ebircdinle things about this whole series is how EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER. gets some form of character development about two chapters BEFORE their introduction. Seriously, you can have a completely random whatsis appear, and it’s not background fluff, it’s a completely random whatsis and you want to snuggle it and keep it forever. Just the way the world is developed not as much as you might like, but just enough to do the job gives you an idea of who you’re dealing with. Like you know that someone from District X will react differently than someone from District Y, and that means you already have some kind of a character in your head. And yeah, I love how freaking bleak this book is too. And it’s the way she intertwines stuff like you get cuteness and fluffies with Buttercup as a reward for sitting through the DEAD PEOPLE ASH in D12, or else she’ll use some other positive moment to get you to drop your defenses so that the next stage of awfulness really hits you, like the positive moment with Cinna right before he was beaten (also OFFSCREEN DEATH SUCKS just sayin’) sets you up for, well, when he gets beaten. The really beautiful thing about these books isn’t how well written they are , but how thoroughly Collins screws with you THE ENTIRE TIME YOU ARE READING. You do not get positive things just to have them. You get them because Collins wants to do something to you, and she can’t unless she disarms you first with the fluffies and the kittens and the food porn. (I’ll admit it. I LOVE the food porn. And the costume porn. But mostly the food. Because I like food.)

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