Yesterday, I was lucky to be a fly on the wall for the America’s Next Top Model casting call auditions in Atlanta.  I was able to see what the girls go through and what it takes to make it in the competition.  I also realized that, though it’s rare, some girls actually are tall and skinny enough to resemble Barbie…only without the boobs.  Well…some with.

As the girls started to arrive and strut their stuff I felt so…short.  Especially when I saw all those 6-inch heels!  It was insane!  I definitely enjoyed checking out all the hot shoes.  Unfortunately, there weren’t any boots worth mentioning.  The most unfortunate thing about the auditions is the height requirement. It quickly caused many of the “models” to turn right back around.  Some women are…let’s say delusional and think that they can make it as a 5’4″ model.  Please!  Models have to have those long, lanky legs.  The representatives made sure that everyone was tall enough and if you weren’t, you were ineligible.  I could see these girls’ dreams shatter before my very eyes.  See what I mean about delusional.  One girl claimed her doctor said she was 5’7″ but she only measured at 5’4″.  Unfortunately for her, her doctor was not running the casting call.  Girl, you need to find a new doctor. One that can preferably read a measuring stick or maybe one that doesn’t lie to their patients.  Another girl told us we should have a medical doctor to check heights.  Does she really think it takes a medical degree to read a tape measure?  She went bye-bye too.

This one girl was six feet tall with legs the size of my arms!  Perhaps I need to work on slimming down my arms?!?!  She had perfect fitting skinny jeans.  I learned that she had to order them from a special website so that they would fit.  I enjoy online shopping as much as the next person, but it would suck if that’s the only way I could find pants to wear.  See people, life as a model is not easy!!

I saw a lot of edgy looks, which is smart to stick out against the competition.  If you want to be on top, I suggest finding something unique about yourself to share with the casting staff.  You’re going to need that extra oomph to be remembered.  If you think you missed out on your chance, don’t fret! (It only causes wrinkles which models definitely don’t need).  Check out this link of other upcoming ANTM casting calls!

I am going to work on my catwalk.  I’ve almost perfected it.

If only I could do it in heels.


georgia girl


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