This week I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to hang out with model Candace Smith.  And no, this was not just any model, she is a Top Model.  As in, America’s Next Top Model.

On Wednesday February 29th, the new season of the show premieres and I met with one of the fourteen models that will be featured in the series’ first international show.  The “British Invasion” theme has seven British models coming to America to compete with seven American models.  It reminds me of my trips to Britain.  My national pride is already rising to the surface as I want to shout, “USA! USA! USA!”  Tyra shows the world that she isn’t through with the show by pulling this concept out of her bag of tricks. I can already imagine the competitions created to pit the two countries against one another.  I may just have to tune in!  It is like the Olympics…only more interesting!  Just think of it… instead of boring races to nowhere we can watch fascinating bizarre model shoots.  I want to see another garbage dump shoot.

Georgia Girl and Constance Smith

Georgia Girl and Constance Smith

Candace shared some of the tips and tricks of the trade to becoming successful at the ANTM casting calls.  My ears instantly perked up with the thought of some insider information.  Unfortunately, you must be five foot seven or taller to be considered.  My dreams were crushed….however, I knew I was vertically challenged since my youth and figured it would stop my model dreams dead in their tracks.  Lucky for Candace, she is blessed with long, lean legs.  Either she has an insanely high metabolism or works out as much as she sleeps.  Either way, she has the perfect model look.

Candace is from Brooklyn, New York and understands how perseverance can make a difference.  She has auditioned for the show multiple times and all that persistence paid off!  Here is some of her advice for you future ANTM wannabes when going to a casting call:

  • Show them you have BIG personality!  They are looking for someone fun, determined, and different.
  • Make sure you wear heels and perfect your runway walk!  Make Miss J proud!
  • Wear fitted clothing to show off your figure.  That’s what the judges want to see!
  • Remember to have a good attitude!

Candace obviously practiced a lot and it has helped get her far.  I know I’ll be tuning in next week to root for her and the American team on America’s Next Top Model!


georgia girl


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