If there is one show that has the ultimate fashion sense, it would have to be Gossip Girl.  The lifestyles of these Upper East Side filthy rich characters is filled with designer this and designer that.  Each week, it is a treat to see what Blair, Serena, and even Chuck come out wearing.

For a show that has been on air for a while, you would think that there would be an evolution of the characters’ styles.  Last week, I decided to have a get together with cocktails and season one of the show to compare how they dress: then and now.  Oddly enough, I didn’t see much of a difference in how the high school Serena dressed from the current Serena – other than the school uniform of course!  Although my opinion could be based upon the cocktails…

Serena’s style has always been very freeing… much like her character.  You can say that she doesn’t like to follow the rules and be put in a box.  Her outfits have a lot of glitz, glam and sex appeal.  She has those long legs to show off (I’m soooooooo jealous!), so her signature tends to be some type of sequined dress for upscale occasions.  When it comes to everyday style, she enjoys a slightly hippie vibe. There’s lots of layering of pieces, but she still manages to show off those legs!  My only complaint with Serena is that I wish somebody would buy her a brush.  Her long blonde hair is always in a deconstructed ponytail or tangled mess around her face.  A quick hair brushing could fix the mess that is her hair.  Even at fancy events, her hair looks unpolished. To be fair, I guess the “just rolled out of bed” look compliments her style – not to mention her character’s…character.

Blair, on the other hand, always looks completely proper and polished.  Much like her demeanor, she feels there is a way a lady should present herself and she dresses according to that idea.  Blair’s wardrobe is filled with knee-length dresses, tights, and hairbands.  Lots of hairbands.  Especially when she was at school, she would tastefully match her hair accessories to her tights to make her school uniform appropriate but her own.  I think all the Constance girls showed the perfect way to spice up a uniform and the key is ACCESSORIES!  And even more hairbands.  As Blair has grown up, she continues to wear the pearls and high necklines when it comes to fashion.  I must confess – I am always excited to see what Blair Waldorf is wearing on the show.  She has a way of looking elegant in a dress I would surely look frumpy in.  I have noticed that recently, she has been wearing her hair more natural and in waves rather than smoothed out.  I was surprised this was true for her wedding as well.  I loved her in the Vera Wang wedding dress and felt it was the perfect thing for Princess Blair.  However, I felt she took her hair cue from Serena.  I think she would have looked much better in an elegant undo.  But hey, I don’t get paid to dress the characters so I guess this rant will have to suffice.

Dressing like Serena: Layer vests or scarves with your shirts.  Don’t be concerned if the patterns match – she mixes a lot of prints and styles together!  Although she can get away with it because people are staring at the unkempt hair.  Look for sequined pieces to pair with heels when dressing for a night out!

Dressing like Blair: Your wardrobe should consist mostly of dresses.  A lot of lace and deep, rich colors are used.  Add a string of pearls whenever the outfit calls for it.  If a dress is short, wear tights with it.  And if you are on a date with Chuck and the dress is short, don’t wear panties.


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