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  1. Syahreza says:

    Sorry that I did not see this sooner, Jim. My gdnrason is 20 and still sports-obsessed. Many Autistics have obsession; for my gdnrason it\’s sports. My little buddy loves to game online with his Wii, and if it\’s not a sports game it\’s Rock Band or Guitar Hero. We watched the game, and of course he was ecstaic over the Saints\’ win. We did our traditional high-10-low-10-hip-bump of victory for his team. I hope that this win helps NOLA get the additional attention that it still needs. As for what destroys a game, the emphasis on specialization has destroyed the enjoyment that I used to have. I am old enough to remember when players had to be able to multitask: play more than just one position, play both offense and defence, etc. One just doesn\’t see the verssatility in the players anymore (sigh). My mother was a football fan all her life, and she hated the influx of specialization in the professional sport but continued to watch college ball until her death. I enjoy our local high school games. I have seen more heart and determination on the local high school fields in one game than in an entire NFL season. We watched our local working-class school underdog team hold off the better-rated opposing school with a goal line stand through 3 plays that changed the momentum of the game. We saw our boys defeat a school from a more high rent\’ area at their homecoming; it was sheer bliss. My gdnrason\’s English teacher that year was also the coach for the JV cheer squad, and all of the girls were so sweet to him. When I was in high school, the cheerleaders did not sit in the cafeteria with the special ed kids or the odd\’ kids, but those girls made my gdnrason feel that he was just as good, just as worthy as anyone else in ways that I never could and for which I will always be grateful. It may explain why he is still sports-obsessed and why football remains a favorite. When you are different\’, you never forget the first popular person/people who treat you well or the things that you associate with them. And fortuneately the FotF ad was s close to innocuous as it could get, so that was not a major issue at least. I agree with Nancy: if many of us hadn\’t pitched a major fit, I do believe that the ad would have been much more blatant in its anti-choice agenda.

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