bold squirrel in regents park London Facts For You Yanks

The squirrels are bold in London

London facts for you Yanks… and to the Brits, that includes southerners.

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Here are a few things about London that you may not know…

  • Their traffic lights are on the side of the road, not over the middle. It makes it sooooooo confusing when I try to follow the traffic… that is on the wrong side of the road.
  • You know how our traffic lights flash yellow before turning red? Proper (this is England, everything is proper) traffic lights flash yellow before green as well. It’s great for those antsy drivers.
  • Everything is proper, that is, except for their newspapers. They are… so dramatic. I literally read a whole column in the paper today about how a poodle fell out of a 5 story window and landed on a girl. All of their headlines are intense no matter how irrelevant and unimportant the story. For those of you who are curious: yes, the dog survived – the poodle was 18 years old and apparently cannot see or hear well. No word on the girl. I’ll bet there is a Darwin Award in that dog’s future.
  • They say “Mind” rather than “Watch out.” For example, on the underground station you constantly hear “Mind the Gap” or “Mind your head” or “Mind the 18 year old poodle falling from the 5th floor flat.”
  • If you eat in a restaurant, it is more expensive than if you get the food to go. Go figure.
  • Also, in relation to the previous statement, no one says “to go.” You say “take away” when you want food to bring home with you. You take away more money, too.
  • In the city, it is hard to find big grocery stores. There are some large ones, but mostly little versions of them on every street corner. This means that the selection is very limited. And the prices are high.
  • When is Chick-fil-A going to expand to London? Until they do, I could never live here.
  • And finally, they DO NOT KNOW WHAT QUESO DIP IS!!!!!!!!!!! When I talked to my co-workers they had no idea what I was talking about when I was trying to explain the simple concept of cheese dip. Silly Brits.

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