Barcelona, Spain

Mood: Confused

On Wednesday I began my first jet-setting journey while across the globe. After taking the tube, a train, a shuttle bus, and a plan ride… I WAS IN SPAIN! Is it normal for people to clap when you land on a flight? Because that happened on our flight and it was a bit disconcerting. I looked around and everything was written in Spanish. Oh jeez, I immediately knew the next four days would be interesting- a lot of sign language would be involved during my communication with the locals.

I went with some friends and when nine twenty-something American girls get off a plane in Spain and do not speak the language very well… we are just asking to be ripped off by the taxi driver. While we arrived at our place with no problem, we paid the driver quite handsomely since we did not know what the rates were. Dang it! Don’t worry, we quickly learned.

Europe, you and I need to have a little chat. There is this wonderful thing we have in America… it is called air conditioning. You should seriously consider getting on that! We stayed in a large flat in the heart of Barcelona, but it was very hot and it stayed that way once we were inside. Luckily, we had some fans to keep us from completely melting.

The landlord’s representative did not speak a lick of English, so it made communicating with her very challenging. Also, the website promised Wi-Fi but there was none. That’s a big problem when you have nine people in a foreign city who do not know ANYTHING. How did people survive without this whole “internet” thing? I have a feeling this is going to become a huge problem.

Georgia Girl


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